SpartanMail – for Students

UT Student E-Mail is called "SpartanMail" and Students can check their E-Mail messages from anywhere in the world via the Internet by using SpartanMail.  It comes with storage for E-Mail and documents.

» Login to SpartanMail

To use SpartanMail you must have:
·         A UT E-Mail address. The University of Tampa provides e-mail addresses for all current students. UT E-Mail addresses are in this format:
·         A computer with Internet access and Internet browser software.

You can find your UT E-Mail address by logging into SpartanWeb:

·         Click on the link “Personal Info” (next to your name)

·         Click on the “Biographical Info” tab that appears in the “My Info” section

·         Scroll down to the “Other Addresses” section (If your UT e-mail address has been created it will appear here)

To access SpartanMail:

·         Double click your browser icon (i.e. Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.).

·         Type in the address (or location) box. This will bring up the Login Screen.

·         Enter your SpartanMail account username (i.e., in the login box and either hit the Enter key or click on the "click here" link. This will prompt you for your password. Remember, passwords are case sensitive.

·         Remember to LOG OFF when finished and close your browser.

For more assistance, contact the Student Helpdesk from on campus at 813-253-6255 or visit them in Vaughn Center room 233A.